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воскресенье, 15 января 2012 г.

Cromlech (Kramfors) - Discography (1993)

Genre(s): Death Metal
Origin: Sweden (Kramfors)
1991 - Forbidden Tombs Of Horror (Demo) (128 Kbps)

1. Intro
2. Human Relics
3. Those Behind
4. Forbidden Tombs Of Horror + Outro
5. Forbidden Tombs Of Horror (Remix)

P.S.  I found it on YouTube. From the 3 Track Demo "Forbidden Tombs Of Horror" recorded in 1991 by the Swedish Death Metal band Cromlech.
Cromlech are:
Tobias - Drums
Daniel - Bass
Mikael - Guitar
Henrik - Guitar
Leo - Vocals
Recorded at Mögelhuset, Kramfors, Sweden in 1991.
Mixed by Bobo and Lasse.
Cover art by Per Wiberg.

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  1. Hey .. I Really Apprieciate you finding and Sharing These Swedish Gems From the Past.. For Me There is None Better..

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  3. Mate, you are such an awesome person in my opinion. I can find whatever I seek about swedish death metal on this blog. I'd be really glad to know if you have a last fm profile or twitter page.

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