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вторник, 23 августа 2011 г.

Interment (Ex-Beyond) - Discography (1991-2010)

Genre(s): Death Metal
Origin: Sweden (Avesta)
1991 - Where Death Will Increase (192 Kbps)
1.  Intro
2. Morbid Death
3. Infestering Flesh
4. Cranial Putrefaction
5. Outro

P.S.  Recorded at Sunlight Studio
On February 9-10, 1991
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?5ugs3hu2jwhm6u0

1992 - Forward To The Unknown (Demo) (128 Kbps)
1. Where Death Will Increase
2.  Human Dissection
3. A Waste of Good Suffering
4. Forward to the Unknown

 P.S.  Recorded in Gorysound Studio
On June 18-19, 1992

1994 - The Final Chapter (Demo) (192 Kbps)
1. The Final Chapter
2. Shall Evil Unfold
3. Enchanting The Weeper
4. In Silent Darkness

P.S. The cover shown below was made only for online/Myspace by Johan.
Recorded in Gorysound Studio by Dan Swanö

2007 - Conjuration Of The Sepulchral (Split With Funebrarum) (320 Kbps)
1. Intro - Conjuration of the Sepulchral
2.  Kingdom of Suffering Souls
3. Caught in a Vortex (Abhorrence cover)
4. Into the Grave (Grave cover)
5. Grave Reaper
6. Infernal Damnation
7.  Black Hollow Black
8. A Descent Hell
9. Breeding Spawn
10. Outro - The Soul Collector
2010 - Where Death Will 1991-1994 (Best Of Compilation) (320 Kbps)
1. Intro
2. Morbid Death
3. Infestering Flesh
4.   Cranial Putrefaction
5. Intro
6. Where Death Will Increase
7. Human Dissection
8. A Waste of a Good Suffering
9. Forward to the Unknown
10. The Final Chapter
11. Shall Evil Unfold
12. Enchanting the Weeper
13.  In Silent Darkness

P.S. 1 - 4 "Where Death Will Increase" demo 1991
5 - 9 "Forward To The Unknown" demo 1992
10 - 13 "The Final Chapter" demo 1994
Contains a video for "Infestering Flesh"
Also released on LP limited to 250 copies.
Liner notes contain a biography, interview, and a multitude of rare photos as well as full lyrics for all demos.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?vkv2vdjkkvbah7x

2010 - Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy (320 Kbps)
1. Eternal Darkness
2.  Torn from the Grave
3. Dreaming in Dead
4. Stench of Flesh
5. Where Death Will Increase
6. Sacrificial Torment 
7. Night of the Undead
8. Morbid Death
9.  The Pestilence

P.S. The album was recorded at Erebos Studios with Peter Bjärgo (Tyrant, Crypt of Kerberos).
The cover artwork was created by Polish artist Rafal Kruszyk.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?adtvnan6pca8dyi

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