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воскресенье, 11 сентября 2011 г.

House Of Usher - Discography (1990-1993)

Genre(s): Death Metal
Origin: Sweden (Eskilstuna)
1990 - Live in Eskilstunda 27.10.1990 (Bootleg) (128 Kbps)
1. Battle Of The Spectrum
2. Purified Souls
3. Revengeance
4. Buried and Forgotten
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?59njvn2jth2w72e

1991 - Rehearsal January 1991 (Demo) (224 Kbps)

1.  Revengeance
2. None Of The Above

1992 - Instrumental Rehearsal 1992 (Demo) (224 Kbps)

1. Dead Fish
2. On The Very Verge
3. Borderlands
4. He Haunted Palace 

1992 - On The Very Verge (EP) (192 Kbps)
1.  Revengeance
2. Rather black

 P.S. Only available on 7-inch vinyl.

1993 - When Being Fucked With (Demo) (192 Kbps)
1. On the Very Verge
2. The Haunted Palace
3.  Dead Fish

1993 - Promo #2 (Demo) (224 Kbps)
1.  Borderlands
2.  Off of Us

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?o0o0244w7tb3b05

Misc. Tracks
1. Battle Of Spectrum (Projections of a Stained Mind - Compilation 1991)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?n21y62z9999syt7

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    All the links for the discography of House Of Usher are dead. Can you please add new links? Thank you!

    Альбомы были удалены. Пожалуйста, загрузите файлы повторно. Мне нужна эта дискографии. Спасибо!